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123 Brand  We build, rebuild and/or evolve your brand identity as a unique enabler of your business organizational culture and lasting uniqueness.


800° Is your brand hot enough to leave a mark? We specialize in brand strategy, brand architecture, naming and design. Our firm develops and manages brands that inspire. Brands that endure. Brands that create a measurable marketplace advantage.




ABC Namebank  For about a quarter of a century we have solely & exclusively worked on naming projects. Therefore, we bring cutting edge strategies for merged entities, consolidation of names, competitive name analysis and solutions for international trademark concerns and positioning of global domain names.


Addis Creson Our positive change practice areas are based on our passion, expertise, credentials, alliances, and points-of-view. As client needs overlap practice areas, we deploy interdisciplinary teams to develop solutions that are integrated, actionable, and meaningful.


Addison we understand the strategic, visible value that your brand represents. In fact, a strong brand is an essential part of our Strategy Made Visible® approach.


Akimbo Group  a boutique design studio specializing in branding and packaging design. We stand apart. We believe you can too.


Albert Dali A name is the shortest story of a brand. Told with extreme economy. You need the precision of a surgeon. And the patience of a sculptor. To get it just right. Overanalysis might lead to paralysis. And under preparedness might result in dire consequences. That’s why, naming is best left to experts. And not to some generalist. Or your wife’s second cousin. At Albert Dali, we are aware of the many intricate nuances involved in the naming process. That’s why, we offer a whole host of services unlike any naming outfit you may know.


Applebaum We are a brand identity firm specializing in name development and marketing communications. Since 1982 we have been working with the world’s leading companies creating names and marketing identities for new products, corporate entities, and services.




BaseWORDS Base specializes in not specializing. Specifically, we specialize in not specializing  in graphic design, art direction, audiovisuals, copywriting, and typeface design…And lastly, working with clients ranging from fashion houses to museums to educational institutions to big corporations, we pride ourselves in not specializing in a specific client type or field.


Bedrock an international customer experience firm that partners with clients to provide solutions for boosting revenue, margins and market position. By fusing strategy, creative and operating expertise, we are uniquely equipped to accelerate an organization’s ability to develop and align with a differentiated strategy, distinctive branding and memorable customer experiences.


Beth Brosseau Name Branding  The purest, most concise statement of your company, product or service. The foundation of everything that follows. The basis for success. Naming is bottom-line branding.


Big Arrow Group Only by aligning the most profound connections between business goals, brand strategies and stakeholder behaviors can a brand’s inherent potential be realized. Within the context of a brand’s business objectives, our market-tested processes guide the brand to its position.


BIZword We develop powerful, compelling trademarks that sell. From gleam in the eye start-ups to entrenched global behemoths, our work spans the gamut of verbal brand expression: strategy; corporate, product and service naming; nomenclatures; architectures; brandlines and taglines.


Brand Forward The brand embodies the “heart and soul” of an organization. Its promise is delivered through its products, services and consumer communication – the total customer relationship and experience. Our services include brand strategy and positioning, brand identity, brand research and more.


Brand Identity Guru  Is your brand vital? Coming in from outside, we can take a fresh look at the messages you’re sending and determine how wide the gap is between your brand identity and brand image. We offer marketing strategy, branding strategy, search engine optimization and graphic design.


Brand Institute Our services include corporate identity, name development, name research, regulatory, design and more.



Brand Sense  Join the 35% of Fortune 100 companies currently integrating the concept of Sensory Branding. We specialize in taking clients from their conventional 2D branding to 5D branding, which truly connects with consumers across our five senses.


Brand Solutions  is a branding agency that provides a complete “brand solution” to clients, from brand naming to advertising and web site design.


BrandEdge We are a strategic marketing consulting boutique that works with high tech and innovation-based companies to ramp-up and accelerate business growth, and develop successful and differentiated brands.


BrandEquity We are a visual marketing and brand communications firm. Founded in 1960, the company serves clients from early-stage entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations. Through research, marketing, and design, we help clients improve brand recognition, position products and services, and increase market share.


Brandesign is a brand development firm. We believe in the power and promise of brands, adding value to the brand experience, and depth to the connection. Brand strategy, brand identity, package design.


BrandLogic For three decades, we have helped world-class organizations develop branding strategies. We specialize in creating strategic, seamless brand identity programs that deliver our clients’ key messages powerfully and consistently.


Brandopoly We are a leading provider of Web-based brand management solutions. The Brandopoly Brand Management System is a Web-based application that allows you to produce customized ads, sell sheets, presentations, stationery or any other printed material, using pre-approved layouts in minutes.


Brandpersand Our collective of brand professionals is always eager to partner for a challenging branding or naming opportunity – from creating a corporate identity to naming a new product or service. Compellingly collaborative brand and name creation services.


Brandplay  We readily provide brand strategy, brand naming, and brand implementation services (and have been known to take on other “custom” brand work when it piques our interest).


Brandslinger  Clear, powerful communication lies at the heart of every good name. Whether you need a corporate name, a brand architecture, names for new products or services, or taglines to expand your message, we will help you capture your promise and clearly communicate it to your clients and your marketplace.


Brandthropology, Inc. is a global branding consultancy. We work with clients to promote sensitive, measured strategies for brand growth that embrace — rather than deny — the vast differences in development that exist in the world.


BrandUNITY  We are a marketing communications firm that helps businesses improve return on marketing investment by maximizing brand strategies across traditional and emerging platforms.


BrandWizard We help you manage your brand consistently and efficiently across diverse regions and divisions through online web based technology. No matter how large your organization or how complex your product offerings, we harness the reach and speed of the Internet to tailor a complete turn-key brand management solution.

Brighter Naming Our worldwide company and product naming experience can help you find a great new business name, a cool company name, a strong new product name or a service brand name. We also develop scientific and technical names, service and product names and taglines. Good names make good business sense.




Capsule Our work: research + strategy, naming, identity, packaging, collateral and environments. We believe both smart research and business expertise are required for brand strategy that is impactful, relevant and unique.


Cartis Group We are a full-service national branding agency that builds leading brands through sound brand strategy and brilliant design for companies.


Catchword Since 1998, we have created hundreds of company names, product names, naming architectures, and taglines. As a dedicated naming firm, we bring a wealth of creative energy and strategic insight to the unique process of name development.


Cintara We are a full-service branding agency providing proven expertise to help companies meet business objectives, accelerate growth, and compete effectively in a changing environment. We focus on complete development of a brand through strategic planning, research, public relations, naming, corporate identity, print, advertising, and interactive media. Cintara’s clients represent Fortune 500 companies from a range of industries.


Coinew As a naming company, our mission at Coinew LC is one of a kind: creating new business names in the form of outstanding domain names that meet your needs at value for money prices. Unlike most other naming firms, we will never ask for any advance payment or for your billing information until you choose and agree to buy one or more of the names that we will coin especially for you.


Cummings Design  Rob Cummings is a professional and experienced brand designer and consultant providing brand consulting and advice. He can also design the brand identity (logo) for you. Brand managers, brand owners, and brand and naming consultants’ clients turn to Rob for in-process and post selection confirmation from a legal and business perspective.




Devign Devign is a marketing consultancy specializing in branding and brand strategy. We are renowned for our professional naming services. At the helm, Karen North delights in creating new company names, new product names, nomenclatures, taglines and poetic web navigation.


DriveThruNames  May we take your order? Naming your business or product is the most important marketing decision. We are a leading name development consultancy for business naming, product/service brand names, taglines, domain names, trademark registration and related services.




Eat My Words a wildly creative boutique naming firm known for creating names that generate buzz and revenue. The names we create are real words or twists on real words that are evocative, emotional, hip and absolutely unforgettable.


Eben Design Like anything built to last, your brand requires a solid foundation. Eben Design has developed a process that has helped many companies discover, consolidate and communicate their brand assets with consistency through marketing and interactive media. From logo design, naming and brand positioning to website design and full-scale marketing campaigns, we are the only partner you need.


Emaginit For more than 20 years, we have offered such services as corporate and brand positioning, naming, promotional campaign development and brand ideation – on and off the Internet.


Engage! Engage! identifies the subjective components that impact brand identities. Name development utilizes our collective expertise and extensive resources on software and in print to invent a new brand. The touchstones of our success are hybrid and newly created words, or neologisms, expressly created for each and every project.


EstudioRay Great names are like songs you can’t get out of your head. A great product name is critical to its success.






Forty is the marketing agency that’s going to save the world. Forty does branding: brand discovery, company naming, product naming, reputation consulting.



Fresh Meaning  We have the lion’s share of a very rare talent. We can evoke the particular genius of your brand in a word or two. Our work is a rich blend of magic, logic, and common sense.


FutureBrand  FutureBrand disciplines offer a holistic approach to brand-building, one that fuses strategy, innovation and experience to create solid brands that not only stand the test of time, but leverage the future.


Fuzzco  We care deeply about the quality of our work and always push for a strong conceptual foundation. We believe personality enables content and that honesty is at the heart of character. We do a lot and we smile while we do it (with or without food in our teeth).




Gary Martin Group LLCUtilizing highly specialized industry expertise in medication safety and brand name creative development, Gary Martin Group provides experienced counsel and expert naming & branding results to biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare technology companies worldwide.


Girvin  Girvin’s work focuses on community, relationships, and communication. Names are inherently powerful – they can, in a word, tell it all. Our teams have been developing names, globally, for decades.


gkBRAND  Naming some of the most well known companies in the world has put the gkBRAND naming process on the global map. The unieuqness of gkBRAND’s branding and naming strategy lies in our global linguistic viability process and trademark availability assurance.


GlobalWorks Group We integrate culture, branding and technology, fusing online and offline media. From defining the ideas and values that form the brand’s foundation to shaping the visual and verbal identity of the brand, GlobalWorks provides comprehensive strategic and creative services to help companies conceive and build agile brands.

Good Characters


We specialize in the art and science of Chinese naming. Our expertise provides you with a roadmap for developing high-impact brands for the entire Greater China market. We have helped businesses, from start-up to multinational companies, from the Silicon Valley to Shanghai, create Chinese names for their companies, their products, and their services.



We are a premier brand consulting group with a specialty in brand name creation. Our work flow integrates market research and brand positioning. We have a talented graphic design team for those clients who want to transform their brand name into a compelling visual identity.





Healy Communications Morphemes, phonemes, and random permutations of esoteric constructs? We don’t think so. A great name has soul. It’s relevant to who you are and what you offer. It’s a name that means something to you and your customers.


Holding Associates We will work with your company to create a collaborative branding team. Together, we build solid brand strategy that is integrated throughout your company and works within its wider community.


Hornall Anderson  Brands that scale, brands that grow, brands that win. By defining key audiences, we can solidify your brand position and open up new marketing opportunities. Good brand architecture doesn’t just allow for growth; it demands it.




Idiom Naming is our passion and our livelihood. The unequivocal link between naming and brand strategy is at the very core of Idiom’s reason for doing business.


Igor At Igor, we believe that a powerful name is the result of a powerful positioning strategy. The key is to find a fresh way into the hearts and minds of your customers, redefine and own the conversation in your industry, and engage people on as many levels as possible.


Increon With heart and mind, with creativity and both feet on the ground — for us, these are the decisive factors for truly good performance and truly outstanding service in consulting, naming, corporate identity, and marketing communication.


Interbrand Behind every great brand is a great idea. The more inspiring the idea, the more intense and profound the commitment. And the more the consumer believes in the brand, the more value the brand returns to its owner. We are dedicated to identifying, building and expressing the right idea for a brand. An idea that both inspires and endures. An idea that delivers measurable business results.


Inward We help position our clients to achieve high performance by collaborating with them to develop comprehensive business strategies. We named the firm Inward Strategic Consulting because we believe that unless the key strategy elements of the firm, including the market position or brand, are widely embraced success will be elusive.




Julie & Company We meet a unique market need for companies seeking stellar branding, integrated marketing, web design and web development, graphic design, advertising, Flash design, and more.




Killian & Company Stuff we do pretty damn well:

Branding, to make our clients visible, differentiated, and relevant; company naming and product naming, logos and corporate identity, advertising, graphic design, we design and programming, search engine optimization, marketing communications, strategic branding and brand asset audits, digital video, paid search.






We provide a complete range of strategic brand consulting and creative design services. Offering a multidisciplinary range of brand strategy, design, employee engagement and business alignment, naming, interactive and research services, we help our clients worldwide create, renew and strengthen their brand power.


Language in Common We develop modern brands, interesting marketing programs, and smart communication design projects.


Lexicon For more than 20 years we’ve been helping clients with extraordinary products develop extraordinary names. Our approach includes the development of a creative strategy that supports your vision and leads us to a name that will make a difference.


Lippincott  From brand strategy to brand environments, we’re recognized for our creativity and our ability to immerse ourselves and strategically assess your brand and its value. We’ll work with you to craft the brand strategy, design a new identity, and manage it wherever you have employees, customers, clients and partners.


Luxe  We are the pioneer Business Strategy & Management Consultancy Company specialized in the luxury industry and its affiliated sectors. We provide advanced Business Strategy & Management Consulting Services in Brand Management, Marketing Strategy, E-Business, Business Planning, Research, Retail Management, Investment Appraisal, Change Management and Interim Management.




Magneto We are a creatively-driven full service branding company with strategic planning, creative, account service, media, print and broadcast capabilities.

Marshall Strategy


Led by legendary identity consultant, Philip Durbrow, we help all types of organizations develop successful identity strategies.

Master McNeil


From our very first projects, we have offered a mix of creative and strategic services, providing creative and practical answers to strategic naming questions.


Metaphor We are a name development and verbal branding consultancy that specializes in helping clients articulate the promise of their brands.


Mires + Ball  MiresBall is one of the largest independent brand design firms in Southern California. We focus on building brands that bring together two powerful ideas—lifestyle and innovation.


Molecule Crafting an image that conveys your desired perception is what good branding is all about. Our expertise provides brand analysis, brand strategy, brand identity, brand standardization, brand implementation and brand oversight to an array of clients, from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.


Moore Names We bring decades of leadership in creativity, sophisticated linguistic expertise, over thirty proprietary name classifications, a proven methodology and systematic facilitation.




Name Designer As a namedesigner I am determined to help choose a name which both creates an impact and is recognizable. As a terminology expert I can judge if the designation chosen is effective as a means of communication and promotion in the mass media and as a means of individualizing the company’s goods and services, including future developments.


Name Quest  Since 1984 we have invested millions to assure a strong, long-term commitment to the expansion of our knowledge and insight of verbal brands.


Namebase We have developed some of the most successful brand names in the market – names that capture the personality of a company, product, or service, tell what it is, and what makes it different.


NameBrains We don’t have off-the-shelf solutions, but we have some pretty good ideas of what works. And we have something for everyone’s budget, need, and liking — whether you prefer to do the naming with your in-house resources or whether you are looking for a specialist agency to complement the skills of your advertising agency.


Named at Last Send your new venture out into the world with a name that customers will remember and love. Revive a half-dead product, service or company with a new name that sings and jumps. Express what’s better about your offerings through a name that sparkles with distinctive appeal.


NameLab has been creating proprietary names and helping clients refine their brand strategies since 1981. We invented a unique, efficient and coherent method of name development called constructional linguistics.


Namella So, you got yourself a great idea, a business plan, a great product, and maybe even traffic, but do you know the first thing about really branding yourself online?


NameStormers A perfect name not only enters the brain quickly, but it stays there and works on multiple levels, making emotional and rational connections. Namestormers specializes in company naming services, making sure your product or business is matched with a smart, effective, outside-the-box brand name that sticks.


Namexpress Naming and Name Creation with the click of your mouse. NameBuilder® Name Creation Software generates names and enhances the name creation process.


Namingo  an independent brand naming consultancy. We collaborate with clients to create memorable, impactful verbal identities for companies, products and services. Our team of branding specialists combine creative expression with strategic insight to develop names that both inform and inspire.


Namington We design tradenames (company names), brand names, trademarks, service marks, logos, slogans, etc. We can also register the respective domain names for you.


Next Level We are a management consulting firm that builds strong brands and compelling marketing strategies. We are a pure strategy firm; brand strategy is all we do.


Nomenon We offer a full suite of naming and identity services. We think the name is the single most important piece of marketing for any company, service or product.


Nomino Naming We are your creative product naming agency that develops product names, corporate names, and taglines with a combination of creative and linguistic expertise and business savvy. A great brand starts with a great name!


Nucleus We are a brand, intellectual property and internet consultancy, with particularly strong credentials in travel, luxury and financial services. Typical consulting assignments include: brand naming and proposition development; re-branding and re-positioning; new product (or service) development.




One Fast Buffalo  Founded in 1999, One Fast Buffalo is an independent creative agency where brand strategy mentors and multi-disciplined design warriors work with client partners to transcend traditional marketing practices. We take a linear approach to helping our clients’ brands. We learn before we think, before we design, before we build. Projects can include brand naming, naming architecture systems, identity design, product design, etcetera.


OVO is a creative consultancy that specializes in naming, brand identity and strategic design. Naming is the first and most direct reflection of your brand’s personality, culture, promise, and purpose.





Phirebranding The full brand experience is not simply a look and feel. We exist to define, nurture, and build these experiences. We are strategists, bringing fresh insight to your unique situation. We are realists, who believe that building a brand is only as important as how it is shared in the world


Pollywog  With so many opinions about branding just a Google search away, you might find it a confusing, arbitrary subject. At Pollywog, we base our perspectives on what we’ve observed over 20 years in the branding business — supported by reason, research, and a dash of creative intuition.






We’re a privately held branding and marketing agency that develops and manages brands applied to marketing across all communication disciplines. We have extensive experience in complex retail and franchise brands: corporate communications, brand strategy, marketing planning, research, identity, advertising, collateral, media planning and buying and more.


Red Sky Insights  With years of experience in brand consulting we’ve helped major corporations around the world make the leap from brand strategy to brand behavior.


Resounding Success  Although we’re fortunate enough to work with many of the biggest names on the planet, we enjoy our smaller naming projects every bit as much. We thrive on the variety of it all, and there’s something about working with a small team with a big dream that reminds us of why we got started in this business in the first place.





Saffron Consultants  It’s a new brand world. Saffron is an independent consulting firm working for companies on issues related to branding and identity. For service brands and even some product brands, it is the proper branding of internal culture and not the corporate logo that truly begets competitive advantage and customer devotion.



SALT Branding  a senior team of creative strategists and strategic creatives that combine left-brain logic with right-brain creativity to create, manage and grow leading brands. SALT provices a full range of services including Brand Strategy, Naming, Design, Communications, Interactive and Culture.


Scamper Branding  A brand consultancy that believes that successful businesses can help create a better future. The brand name is the single most important element of any brand’s identity. A good brand name stands out from the crowd and communicates the brand’s key message to the target market.


Scarcliff | Salvador  We’re a boutique branding and naming agency devoted to creating the story of your brand, which may include research, strategy, creative, and implementation. We work freelance-style to give you the right product name, an entertainment title, a landmark tag line, or a fresh creative concept.


Scout Branding Every company has a brand. Your brand is made up of a complex mixture of stuff. Brands need to be smarter, more nimble and more strategic so they can grab some market share.


Siegel + Gale Our specialists are after more than clever names – they’re looking for the clearest, simplest solutions. The goal is capturing the essence of your brand and amplifying it behind a memorable, inspiring name.


StartSimple  A digital development, strategy and brand naming company that designs usable interactive experiences. In an ever complex world, we provide cross-media marketable IP, domain names and brand naming services that gives you an instant competitive advantage.


Sterling-Rice Group  For more than 20 years, we’ve transformed our clients’ businesses with innovative solutions to complex strategic branding, new product development, communication, and design needs.


Stokefire  In 2005 Stokefire started with brand strategy. Since then we’ve established ourselves as leaders in verbal branding, then design, and then advertising. We rule none of these worlds, but we’re consistently earning projects over the agencies and studios that believe they do. We don’t believe this should make you want to hire our little branding and advertising firm with a strangely low-tech website.

Storyhat  a naming and branding firm that specializes in helping companies in every business sector at every stage of growth articulate their unique and compelling story.

Strategic Name Development


A good naming company knows that the most critical part of naming a business, product or brand is establishing the strategic positioning – what is the one key thing that the naming should convey?




Tait Subler We provide objective strategic counsel that is broadly relevant to your decision-making related to distribution, product design/features, hiring, training and yes, communication. We help identify and develop strategic platforms for new brands, new products and innovative brand extensions.


Tan Brand Communication Consultants  a brand communications agency. We create and develop campaigns to build your brand. Discover your brand’s fundamental truth.



The Anderson Group  Brand is not something owned and managed by sales and marketing teams. Brand is part of the fiber of your business. As such, it is used to direct business strategy at all levels. And it is lived and breathed by every person in the organization.


The Brand Union The Brand Union is a world-class global brand agency, comprising 500 people across 21 offices. What binds us together is a deep-seated commitment to becoming masters of the art and science of brand building. We admire the companies that see everything they do as brand—that see the power of brand-driven growth.



The James Group The James Group is a branding and full-service advertising agency located in New York City. Our services cover every aspect of marketing from brand positioning, naming and logo design, to website design.


The Naming Company We can create a name for a new product, a web site (including the domain name), a new service business or a new corporation.


The Naming Group The Naming Group is an NYC-based name creation and decisioning agency serving global clients across all industries. It’s important business. Because a name doesn’t just define a product – it positions it. Touts its relationship with the company that created it, and other products around it. It isn’t just a label, but a non-stop brand bullhorn.


The Nuancing Group Great branding, at its root, starts with a name that produces flawless recall. Branding is the great disequalizer. We develop brand identities, create great names and devise effective taglines.



The Russell Mark Group We believe that verbal branding is a system. Company and product names, naming and branding systems, taglines, messaging, and corporate collateral work together to form a lasting, powerful verbal brand.


Think Nocturnal Using Think Nocturnal’s branding method, we distill a client’s company or product to its essence: What it is. What it does. What it should promise. This is what a brand is all about. More than a product, service or logo, when your name is heard or seen, the image that pops into their minds is the brand you’ve created for yourself.


TippingSprung We offer a full range of branding services, including positioning, naming, design, research, and training. Whether you are launching a new brand or company, or refining an existing brand, we have a track record of developing winning strategies, names and taglines, corporate identities, and packaging systems.


Trend Influence  We are a global strategy and innovation consultancy grounded in primary consumer insight; we provide our clients with a 360 degree view of future product and brand opportunities inspired by contextual analysis of trends and their influence on consumer needs. We develop effective marketing strategy.


Tungsten  For a company or product brand name that really shines. We can guide you on how to utilize proven naming strategies to create your own brand names, locate valuable resources for help with naming, trademarking, web site and logo design, strengthen and extend your brand name and product line(s).





Vivaldi Partners We are a seasoned and experienced group of marketers, consultants, operating executives and specialists committed to helping our clients achieve strong organic growth in a world in which traditional approaches to strategy and marketing have run their course.




WildOutWest We create names, brand identities and communications that make enduring emotional connections. Scope of engagements include Technology, Healthcare, Lifesciences, Entertainment, Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services and Industrial Manufacturing


Wolff Olins Branding is no longer about imposing a logo everywhere. We help you build a presence in the world – a brand platform from which you can engage different audiences in the best ways. We do naming, visual identity, verbal identity, brand rollout, film and animation, marketing communication and investor communication.


WONGDOODY We are a marketing ideas agency. It’s your brand that creates preference. It’s your brand that creates sales. You don’t really decide whether or not to have a brand. You can only decide whether you want to be in control of your brand.


Wordworking A new company. A repositioned product. A banner year. An irresistible offer. Whatever your story, Wordworking tells it compellingly, elegantly, concisely, meaningfully. And refreshingly jargon-free.





Zenmark  The last word in Naming and the first name in Verbal Design. Verbal design is the art of cultivating empowering relationships to words with your customers in a world saturated with corporate messaging.


Zigila  Zigila was set up in 1992 and specialises in creating and introducing corporate names and product names and every other type of name and linguistic element involved in marketing products, services, and companies.

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Wild Out West, Launching New Idea -BRAND
Wild Out West, Launching New Idea -BRAND